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Certified Natural Padparadscha Sapphire, Diamond and Platinum Ring - Black tie, Cocktail, Cocktail/Festive, Color, Day/Luncheon, Diamond, Event, Item type, Material, Padparadscha, Pink, Platinum, Power dressing/Conferences, Rings, Sapphire, Stone - Rental Borrow.

Certified Natural Padparadscha Sapphire, Diamond and Platinum Ring

$250.00 per day

Certified natural Sri Lankan octagonal step-cut 2.36 carat Padparascha sapphire set with 2 carats baguette cut diamonds, platinum, size 3.75

$250.00 per day

Padparadscha Sapphire Padparadscha, from the ancient Sanskrit word for “aquatic lotus blossom” is by far the world’s most rare sapphire, known for its delicate pinkish-orange color. Sourced primarily from the Ratnapura District of Sri Lanka, trace elements of chromium and magnesium present over millions of years in the corundum result in this highly coveted color.

Baguette Cut The baguette-cut dates back to the art deco period of the 1930s. Cut in a long thin rectangle with 14 facets, this cut is named after its resemblance to the long thin French bread. Like the emerald cut, the baguette cut highlights the clarity of the stone.

Step Cut A Step-cut, which includes emerald and baguette-cuts, is a rectangular cut with faceting in steps. This style highlights the clarity and color of the stone. The Princess Cut features a straight sided rectangular outline with brilliant style faceting - a mix between step cut and brilliant cut. The "Calf's Head" is a less common step cut that resembles a triangle with the cut corners, thought to resemble a calf's head.

Unique Elements
This is the rarest sapphire on earth, with a pinky peach glowing sunset color that is the stuff of legend!

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