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Certified Natural Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings, Art Deco. - Art Deco 1920-1939, Black tie, Cocktail/Festive, Color, Day/Luncheon, Diamond, Drop, Earrings, Event, Item type, Material, Neutral, Pearl, Pearl, Phenomenal, Pierced, Platinum, Stone, Time period, Weddings - Rental Borrow.
Certified Natural Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings, Art Deco.
Certified Natural Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings, Art Deco.

Certified Natural Pearl and Diamond Drop Earrings, Art Deco.

SKU: J0238

Certified natural pearls measuring 8.0 x 6.4 and 7.5 x 6.8 mm with ivory and cream body color, with soft pink and green overtones, set with 1.8 carats of single-cut and old European-cut diamonds in platinum. Art Deco period.

Unique Elements
These earrings are an excellent example of the repetition of geometric shapes and use of diamond, white gold and natural pearl that typify Art Deco. We love the clean lines and sparkle of the diamonds against the glow of the pearls. We think everyone should enjoy the luster of a naturally formed pearl, which is a miracle of nature.

Natural Pearl A natural pearl is formed when an oyster’s defense mechanism is triggered by a microscopic irritant such as sand, causing it to produce protective layers called nacre, which develop into a pearl. Natural pearls form without human intervention. The earliest written account of natural pearls dates back to 2206 BC and they have been coveted for their natural beauty ever since. Due to pollution, over-harvesting and predators, natural pearls are very rare. Pearls can occur in every hue and their main, or bodycolor, is often modified by overtones, which can be pink, green, purple, or blue. Pearls can also exhibit iridescence, or ‘orient.’ A seed pearl is a small natural pearl, formed in either a saltwater oyster or freshwater mussel, that is usually less than 2mm in diameter. Pearl is a June birthstone.

Single Cut Single cut diamonds, also called melee, are round brilliant cuts that feature fewer than the standard number of facets, typically 16-18 facets instead of the standard 57 to 58. Diamonds of smaller sizes can be cut as single cuts because having fewer facets doesn’t noticeably affect the diamond’s appearance.

Old European Cut The Old European Cut, the precursor to the round brilliant, is an 1890-1930 hand cut round with good symmetry and an open culet, meaning a flat facet at the bottom of the diamond instead of the sharp point of a modern round brilliant cut.

Art Deco The name is a shortening of the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industrials Modernes, held in Paris in 1925, used to represent the period from the 1920s to the 1930s. Art Deco jewelry style, in following with the rise of the machine age, emphasizes symmetry and geometry in design, typically with simple, repeated geometric patterns. In additional to natural pearl, the typical stone use in jewelry of this period is diamond, onyx, sapphire, emerald and coral, cut into geometric shapes reflecting advances in cutting. Cartier in France is a leading house of the period, and American houses including Tiffany and Company also produced exceptional pieces during this era.

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