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Jade, Jasper and Diamond Ring, Carvin French - Carvin French, Chalcedony, Cocktail, Cocktail/Festive, Color, Day/Luncheon, Event, Green, House, Item type, Jade, Power dressing/Conferences, Red, Rings, Stone - Rental Borrow.

Jade, Jasper and Diamond Ring, Carvin French

SKU: J0482

Cocktail ring set with oval-shaped jade cabochon inset with round brilliant-cut diamonds on base of carved jasper, Carvin French. Size 6.5

Unique Elements
This ring shows the Carvin French artistry, with an oval jade cabochon inset into a carved jasper band. Wear this to a meeting where you need to impress and it will give you the edge that you need.

Jade Jade can refer to either Jadeite or Nephrite.  Jadeite can be green, yellow, reddish orange, white, gray, black, brown, and lavender, often with mottled color. Nephrite is spinach or army green color. The character for Jade in Chinese dates back to 2950 BC, and the stone has been used in jewelry and carvings for thousands of years, prized in China as well as by Mayans and Aztecs in South America. Jade is the 12th anniversary gemstone.

Chalcedony Chalcedony is a semi transparent to opaque quartz with 12 varieties that range from light blue (chrysocolla) to green (prase, chrysoprase, bloodstone) to black, white, red, banded, brown, red and orange (onyx, sardonyx, agate, sard, carnelian, jasper). Popular in Victorian jewelry in particular, the term "hardstone" in period jewelry typically refers to a chalcedony.

Cabochon A cabochon is a gem which has been shaped and polished but not faceted, typically with a domed top and flat bottom. Cabochons are often cut for opaque stones, for softer translucent gems as well as to highlight phenomenon such as asterism “star” and chatoyancy “cat’s eye”, as these would not show in faceted stones. The 'sugarloaf' cabochon cut features a 4-sided pyramid shape.

Cocktail Ring A large ring worn on any finger other than the left ring finger can be called a cocktail ring. The history of the cocktail ring goes back to the American prohibition era of the 1920s. During this time, alcoholic beverages were banned, leading to the rise of illegal drinking establishments called speakeasies where for the first time, women were also in attendance. These art deco era women would drink glamorous cocktails in their best outfits which included oversized gemstone rings to flash while raising their glasses. Cocktail rings can feature any large stone, from diamond, sapphire, pearl and emerald to tourmaline, aquamarine or citrine. Others feature smaller stones set together to form flowers or animals such as panthers or tigers.

Carvin French Founded in 1954 in New York, Carvin French is a jewelry manufacturer whose name is combination of the names and origin of the two French founders, Andre Chervin and Serge Carponcy. The firm is known for its work in enamel as well as carved gems for clients including Verdura and Donald Claflin for Tiffany and Co. among many others.

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