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Tsavorite and Rose Gold Panther Cuff, Anita Ko - Animals, Anita Ko, Black tie, Bracelets, Cocktail/Festive, Color, Day/Luncheon, Diamond, Event, Garnet, Green, House, Material, Neutral, Panther, Rose Gold, Rose Gold, Stone, Tsavorite - Rental Borrow.

Tsavorite and Rose Gold Panther Cuff, Anita Ko

SKU: J0555

18K Rose Gold Panther Cuff Bracelet set with faceted Tsavorite eyes, Anita Ko. Inner Circumference 6.25″

Unique Elements
This panther is a little more subversive than the vintage panthers that inspired it. Look closely and the face of the panther with its tsavorite eyes is just as distinctive as its predecessors.

Tsavorite Tsavorite is one of the most rare and prized garnet varieties, first discovered near Tsavo West National Park in Kenya in 1971 and popularized by Tiffany and Company in 1974. Tsavorite is known for its intense green color.

Rose Gold Rose gold is a mix of yellow gold and (usually) copper used to give a pinkish tone to the metal. The exact combination of the alloy can vary, giving different shades and tones of red to pink. Rose gold first became popular in 19th century Russia, and continues to be used in fine jewelry for its flattering tones.

Anita Ko Founded in 2006 in Los Angeles, Anita Ko only works with ethically sourced stones and has a large celebrity following. Anita is known for “casual diamonds” which can be worn day or night, both casually and for event dressing.

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